+ Nevermind: #1 Album of the 90s

+ Corprate Showbiz? Grunge Invasion? Newsweek? uh?

+ Krist Novoselic makes commencement speech at South Bend Community Center.

25 Amazing Years (& one 'poet of grunge')

People Weekly has a special '25 Amazing Years' issue out. It will be on newstands until the end of October.
If you see it, head for page 178- in the 'death' section, of course- is our favourite 'poet of grunge' (who came up with that phrase? Can I slap them?) The two paragraph long mention is complemented with a full page picture- Kurt with the air pistol in Paris, of course- and a small picture from the 1993 Music Video Awards.

Still Got A Flannel Shirt? Then You Can Be A Movie Star!

Filming for the film 'A Leonard Cohen Afterword' began in early July.
If you're looking for an easy way into the movie buisiness, or wish you hadn't missed the origonal vigil, New Line Cinmas has released a call for extras for the recreation of that evening.
They are filming it on Friday, July 23, at 2:00 pm. Of course, it is at the Seattle Center Fountain.
Full details can be found at this site.
Please see the following article for more infomation on this film.

Work Underway On A Leonard Cohen Afterworld
The film revolving around two fans the aftermath of Kurt Cobain's suicide, 'A Leonard Cohen Afterworld', is slated for a Spring of 2000 release date.
Filming began earlier this month, in Seattle and Los Angeles.
James Cox is making his feature film directing debut. The main charecters are being played by (drum roll please....) Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal.
According to the web site, the plot of the film is:

Set in 1994, this film is the story of two 19-year-olds (Leto, Gyllenhaal) living in Las Vegas use the death of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain as an excuse to get out of town for a while (and away from their troubles), but they soon find their lives changed out on the road.
Full infomation can be found at this site.

Soy Tan Feliz Porque Encontré Hoy A Mis Amigos, Ellos Estoy En MTV

Ricky Martin, latino-boy-toy-extrodinaire, got to have one of those 'My 25 Favorite Music Videos' last week on MTV. He has shockingly diverse and occasionally decent taste in music. At #9 in his countdown, he muttered something about 'keeping the memory alive' and then showed NIRVANA's 'Lithium.'

500,000 Canadian's Can't Be Wrong...
7.6.99 | Sub Pop Traffic Report, July 1999

NIRVANA's Bleach album was just certified gold in Canada, which is of course not only fabulous for esoteric reasons but also because that means I might be able to pay off my Visa bill by this time next year.
-Anna Woolverton

I Only Have 3 Covers Of Pennyroyal Tea Already...

KRISTIN HERSH will be [at] next Wednesday (16th June) at 4pm to take part in the latest web chat.
It's your chance to quiz her on her solo career and the Throwing Muses.
Hersh - whose new album 'Sky Motel' is released on June 28 - has a new single out on Monday called 'Echo' that also includes covers of Nirvana's 'Pennyroyal Tea' and The Beatles' 'Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey'.
"I wanted to do these two songs as b-sides purely for fun - and as a fan," she said. "I thought, what cool songs! I wanna play those! Plus, they're almost complete opposites. 'Pennyroyal...' is so dark, and '...Monkey' is just so light..."

Rolling Stone Kurt Cobain In May Rolling Stone
This month, the Rolling Stone cover story deals with
"The Essential Recordings of the '90s:
Rolling Stone names the most important albums of the last ten years. Plus: A tribute to the artist of the decade, Kurt Cobain.
A form of the Essential Recordings article is available at Rolling Stone's website. NIRVANA have three albums in the 'Alternative' list- Nevermind, In Utero, and Unplugged In New York.
Or- Read the entire Kurt Cobain article here!

Melvins + Leif Garrett + Smells Like Teen Spirit = ?
Allstar Daily News, 4/15
Leif Garrett is about to record a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with the Melvins for the Melvins' last installment of their three-album series for Ipecac Records titled The Crybaby (see related story, this page). When asked if there was an association with Nirvana that called for Garrett to be involved, Garrett quipped, "Other than the title ["Teen Spirit," teen idol, get it?], no. I like the Melvins and I'm a fan of Nirvana..."
Garrett says he doesn't want to sing the song the same way the late Kurt Cobain did. "The song, musically, is the same. But the way Kurt sang it is not the way I'm going to sing it. I want to make it my own, that way there won't be as many comparisons."
The Crybaby will likely be released in November, but Greg Werckman of Ipacec says they might consider releasing the cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" earlier than that.

Kurt Cobain Illustrations Removed From Planned Auction
MTV News Online, 4.13.99 10:00 EST
It appears some drawings made by late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain won't be going to the highest bidder after all.
Cobain's family has come forward to stop Christie's auction house of New York City from selling some pencil and watercolor renderings done by Cobain of Ronald Reagan and Michael Jackson, according to the "New York Post."
The pictures had been put up for consignment by one of Cobain's former high-school teachers, Robert Hunter, although they had not been scheduled for auction yet. After being threatened with a potential lawsuit by Cobain's family, Hunter was forced to return the images to his private collection.
Christie's estimated the auction price of the drawings at $2,000 to $3,000 for the Reagan illustration and $3,000 to $5,000 for the one of Jackson.
The origional Time article follows:
Vincent Van Cobain
Time magazine: APRIL 19, 1999 VOL. 153 NO. 15. People BY MICHELE ORECKLIN
Kids, beware of enterprising teachers. You never know when they may put your homework up for auction. Robert Hunter, the high school art teacher of deceased Nirvana singer and enduring cult figure KURT COBAIN, recently consigned some of the musician's work to Christie's auction house for an upcoming sale. Among the items, a signed pencil and watercolor depiction of Michael Jackson and a graphite on paper rendering of then-President Ronald Reagan, below. The latter earned high marks from Hunter ("Kurt, your caricatures are outstanding. 10/10, A"). Christie's appraisers, apparently, favored the Jackson, assigning it a pre-sale estimate of $3,000 to $5,000, while the Reagan likeness was estimated at $2,000 to $3,000. Alas, the public will not have its say. According to a Christie's spokesperson, Hunter pulled the lots following entreaties from Cobain's family, which wanted mementos from this period of his life. Fans will just have to wait for some old math tests to surface.

Nevermind . . . for Now

from Rolling Stone Online
Don't expect Nirvana box set before 2001
On the fifth anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, thoughts naturally turn to the status of the long-anticipated Nirvana box set. Although rumored for release in late '99 or early 2000, industry insiders insist that's wishful thinking. A source close to the project says it won't see the light of day before 2001.
But the good news is that work is progressing on the project. As expected, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is overseeing the project. He's tapped Seattle journalist Gillian G. Gaar to help after being impressed by her Goldmine article two years ago, in which she cataloged all the extant Nirvana recordings. Gaar declined to talk about the project in any detail, but sources say she is combing through tapes and cataloguing them with Novoselic. Dave Grohl has not been involved in the heavy lifting, but will be pulled in at a later date, sources say, adding that Krist and Gaar still haven't found everything they want to include and may turn to fans for rare material.
"The box set makes perfect sense from an artistic and commercial standpoint. Plus there is some unreleased material that has been on bootlegs and has been traded around by fans that [the compilers] have access to," says Charles Cross, author of Classic Rock Albums: Nevermind, the story behind the making of the Nirvana's breakthrough album. (Cross is currently working on The Will of Instinct, a comprehensive biography of Kurt Cobain due out in September 2000.) "The live album [1996's From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah] did well commercially, and that was just the tip of the iceberg of the great live performances they have on tape."
Interscope Records, the label that recently subsumed Geffen Records, would be the likely distributor of the box set, but a spokesperson for the conglomerate said that they don't have anything penciled in from Nirvana. Fans speculate that the package will include six CDs, but when asked, one insider merely laughed. "They're not even that far along to know how many discs it will include. I also saw one rumor that said some of the tapes were unusable because the quality of the sound was inferior. And that's just not true."
(April 8, 1999)

Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl Plan Nirvana Box Set

from MTV News Online, 4.7.99 16:00 EST
Former Nirvana bassist and current JAMPAC chairman Krist Novoselic has posted a cryptic message on his website, noting that material is currently being compiled for a future Nirvana release.
A reliable source has told MTV News that the project Novoselic referred to will be a Nirvana box set comprising of unreleased material and live tracks gathered by Novoselic and the band's former drummer, Dave Grohl.
There's no word yet on whether guitarist Pat Smear, who accompanied the band on its final tour, will be involved with the project. But our source tells us the box could be out before the end of the year.

Nevermind Hits 10 Mil Mark

On March 24th, 1999, the RIAA released new multi-platinium certifications. Amoung them was NIRVANA's Nevermind, having reached the 10 million mark, exactly seven and one half years after it's release on September 24th of 1991.
The RIAA has also established a new certification- the 'Diamond Record' for albums having sold 10 million or more copys. Nevermind was one of the first albums to recieve this.

VCV Mystery Is No More!

It's been a mystery for a very long time- when was the No Alternative version of Verse Chourus Verse recorded? Who recorded it? Butch Vig and Steve Albini have both laid claim to this song. For quite some time, 'the truth' was simply who you chose to believe.
But, because I like to ruin the fun in speculation for everyone, I decided to end the arguments and ask someone who would know- Krist Novoselic.
He replied as follows:
Albini recorded it. Butch recorded a version also, I'm sure because there are so many of them.
[ Please don't e-mail me demanding that I tell you Krist's e-mail or how I got it. ]

TV + Music = Another small award for NIRVANA

TV Guide's 25 Musical Moments In Television:
December 14, 1993
First airing just four months before Kurt Cobain took his own life, Nirvana's acoustic performance on MTV marked a high point for the seminal Seattle band, standard bearers for the alternative-rock insurrection. Avoiding their breakout masterpiece, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," a subdued Cobain led Nirvana though a brittle and beautiful set of reworked grunge salvos and expertly chosen covers, including David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World." Wearing a ratty cardigan sweater, the doomed alt-rock icon slowly built the show to an eerie climax: in the middle of Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" Cobain let out a harrowing, visceral howl of pain that has yet to fade away.
Today on NBC plans to air a companion piece, most likely this week. Stay tuned!

Rocks 100 Greatest Moments
"Find out why EW's critics listed Kurt Cobain above Madonna, Led Zep, Aretha, and Bowie." -Entertainment
In fact, the release of Nevermind made #8 on the (ranked) list of the top 100 events in rock & roll history. Read the article online at Entertianment Weekly's web site, or purchase the magazine when it reaches newstands on May 26th.
MTV aired a short special about the issue of EW. They focus on the evolution of several musical genres- Hip Hot, "Girl Power," and Alternative. They also spend a few minutes on the Beatles- EW's number one 'event' in R&R history- with clips of a variety of musicians talking about how the band influence them. During this segment they show clips from the December 1993 MTV interview with Kurt Cobain.

Unpublished NIRVANA Interview Published!
CDNOW Interview
In this previously unpublished interview from January of 1990, Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and then-drummer Chad Channing of Nirvana talk about majors vs. indie labels, life on the road and potential stardom.
Read it:

Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home Is For Sale

Windermere Real Estate - 3/22/1999 at 16:08:47
Kurt Cobain's childhood home on 406 West Scott St. Aberdeen, Washington is for sale to the general public for the first time since the Cobain's owned it.
Karen Powers formerly of Hoquiam, currently owns this home and has remodeled the home and is offering it for sale to the general public for $82,500.
For more information on this unique opportunity you can contact her Realtor, Michael Svardh with Windermere Real Estate/Wa/Inc. at (360)598-5260 or E-Mail him at:

Blue Moon Releases Outcesticide 5!

info thanks to Greg McG and Beurb Sapaio
Word on AMN is Blue Moon has released"Outcesticide 5:Disintegration."
It includes the following tracks:
  1. Live through this (Hole but Cobain do [sic] some vocal on it)
  2. Love buzz (Unbroadcast radio session 5th November 1989)
  3. In his hands (Soundcheck 17th August 1990)
  4. Lithium (Live 9th February 1994)05 - Rape me (Live 9th February 1994)
  5. On a plain (Soundcheck MTV studios 10th January 1992)
  6. Stain (Soundcheck MTV studios 10th January 1992)
  7. School (Unbroadcast from MTV studios 10th January 1992)
  8. Molly's lips (Unbroadcast from MTV studios 10th January1992)
  9. Aneurysm (Unbroadcast from MTV studios 10th January 1992)
  10. Love buzz (Radio session broadcast in April 1987)
  11. Floyd the barber (Radio session broadcast in April 1987)
  12. Downer (Radio session broadcast in April 1987)
  13. Mexican seafood (Radio session broadcast in April 1987)
  14. White lace and strange (Radio session broadcast in April1987)
  15. Spank thru (Radio session broadcast in April 1987)
  16. Suicide samurai (Radio session broadcast in April 1987)
  17. Hairspray queen (Radio session broadcast in April 1987)
  18. Pen cap chew (Radio session broadcast in April 1987)
  19. More than a feeling (Reading Festival 30th August 1992)
  20. My best friend's girl (Band's last ever gig 1st March 1994)
  21. Autopilot (Oneoff live version 23rd October 1993)

Krist Novoselic Explains His Beauty Process

from All Star Daily News; 4/7/99
Last month, Krist Novoselic's first film, L7: The Beauty Process: Live Tin, received its world premiere when it was screened at South by Southwest. This Friday (April 9) sees the first public screening of the film at Seattle cyber cafe the Speakeasy. The event is a fundraiser for JAMPAC, the Joint Artists and Musicians Political Action Committee founded by Novoselic.
The Beauty Process (which, with a running time of 47 minutes, qualifies as a "mini-feature") was shot by the former Nirvana bassist when his band, Sweet 75, was the opening act on L7's 1997 fall tour. Filmmaking isn't entirely new to Novoselic; he fooled around with home movie cameras as a teenager, and has also collaborated with Roderick Romero, singer with Sky Cries Mary, on "surreal travelogues" for their side-project group, Sunshine Cake. But while touring with L7, Novoselic was inspired to take movie making a step further.
"I didn't know what I was going to do on tour, because I quit drinking, and I wasn't used to being on tour without being out of my mind," he explains. "So I thought I should spend my time creatively. And we were all talking on the tour bus, sharing our frustration with our respective labels.
"We were commiserating that night; we were bitter. And when I left the bus, and went to my hotel room, I was like, I know what I'm going to make the film about. It's going to be about the music industry and how fucked up it is. What is the music industry? It's an industry, it's commerce, right? So the whole thing is a struggle between art and commerce."
To make his point, Novoselic drops in a series of skits between live footage of L7, detailing some of the more humiliating aspects of wrestling with the industry monster. In one scene, L7 gets stuck with the check at a cheap diner after their hipper- than- hip A&R guy ditches them. "It was so easy to put that together," Novoselic says. "It was just all cliches. For anybody who's been in a band, who's been through the ringer of the music industry, that's a must-see.
"The film is just kind of punk rock and raw," he adds. "And I think that the band looks so good in it. They look really good and they sound good. And I think it goes good with the whole aesthetic -- it's just really rough and raw and kind of belligerent." The Beauty Process is being distributed by Olympia, Washington- based K Records.
As for Sweet 75, they've been working on demos, and moving steadily towards self- sufficiency. "We want to be self-contained," Novoselic says. "As the technology has gone up, the prices have come down. And computers are making things more accessible. I edited The Beauty Process on a Macintosh. And now we have our own bus, we have our own studio, we can make our own videos -- we can just do it all ourselves."
- Gillian G. Gaar

BBC Radio 1 to air Kurt Cobain tribute on April 5

c/o Joe Grassby, who read it in Kerrang

Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl has turned down requests to appear on a forthcoming Radio 1 special on Kurt Cobain. "Dave refused very nicely," says the programme's producer Emma Lyne. "He said that, even five years after Kurt's death, it was too soon to talk. He did add, however, that he will talk one day."
Among the celebrity NIRVANA fans you will hear speaking are Ozzy Osbourne ("He said he was reading the 'Who Killed Kurt Cobain?' book,", reveals Lyne). The Prodigy's mastermind Liam Howlett and Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield. The programme has also secured interviews with the producers of the band's three studio albums: Jack Endino ('Bleach'), Garbage drummer Butch Vig ('Nevermind') and US noise guru Steve Albini ('In Utero').
The as-yet-untitled show will be broadcast between 7pm and 8pm, on April 5 - the fifth aniversary of Cobain's suicide.
[ ps- Joe says he'll probably be able to encode it in Real Audio for the rest of the world to enjoy. ]

NIRVANA Featured on BBC Essenstial Albums

Thank the lord for the English. Hear the story of NIRVANA and Nevermind from Butch Vig and more. In Real Audio with lovely accents-
("I've heard that before." "The biggest thing since... swiss cheese.")

Kurt and Courtney Flashback in EW

thanks to Han Solo and a.m.n.
The special Feb 19/26 1999 double issue of Entertainment Weekly, has a "Encore" on Kurt and Courtney's wedding on February 24th, 1992 on the very last page. Nothing really special in the article but there's a nice picture of the two sitting on the floor.

Be Kind, And Rewind
Updated- 2/03/99

Kurt and Courtney came out to rent on video on January 26th. It is carried by major chains, such as Blockbuster video. The film is not yet on sale, but it will likely be available for purchase in a few months.
The All Movie Guide presents this review:

British documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield (Fetishes, Heidi Fleiss, Hollywood Madam) made this portrait of the late rock-star Kurt Cobain and his widow, actress Courtney Love. Beginning with the 27-year-old Cobain's April 1994 suicide, Broomfield traces Cobain's Aberdeen, Washington, childhood and rise to fame, and the 1992 marriage of Cobain and Love, outlining the drug habits the two shared and exploring various "conspiracy" theories surrounding Cobain's death. Legal complications yanked this film both from a scheduled December 1997 BBC airing and a showing at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. -- Bhob Stewart

Black Friday

Danny Goldberg, chairman of Mercury Records, is amoung the music industry executives and bands jobless following 'black Friday,' a yearly day of record label layoffs. Before became involved with Murcury, Goldberg ran Gold Mountain Entertainment, the management company that NIRVANA were under. There have been considerable layoffs at Geffen, also.

Recently, MTV laid off Amy Finnerthy. She produced the cable channel's electronic music show, 'Amp.' Her most notable contributation to the music video world, though, was getting Smells Like Teen Spirit shown for the first time. She worked as a programmer for the 120 Minutes show in 1991, and insisted that the video be given a 'proper debut.' The rest is history.

Krist Novoselic Takes Up Filmmaking!

Straight from Krist Novoselic's homepage:
"The Beauty Process: Live Tin is a bonafide Rock 'n' Roll film. The sensational rock group, L7, take us on a musical flight into the stratosphere only coming down to burrow deep into the sub terrain of music commerce. Bitter and irresponsible, it is a cautionary tale to those who aspire merging art with commerce. Ultimately, The Beauty Process: Live Tin is a moving inspiration, demonstrating personal triumph and liberation in the face of adversity. Including live versions of the songs; Fast & Frightening, Drama, Shitlist, Must Have More, Andres, Bad Things & Non-existent Patricia!!!! Filmed and directed by Krist Novoselic. 47min. 1998"

What, Krist has a homepage?

Apparently. It's kinda cute. Currently you can read about Krist's experience mc'ing the Spitfire tour, the L7 movie (what I reported in the above article plus more pictures), Sweet 75, and there's a teaser Nirvana section, plus some links. Check it out at:

Family Feud?
11/29/98 [updated 12/04/98]

Pick up a copy of People magazine this month to read a breif article about Kurt Cobain's aunt Mari Earl. Mari has also appeared in Nick Broomfeild's 'documentery' Kurt and Courtney.
There are several pictures of Kurt- as a young child, with Mari, as a teenager, and one from the 1993 Anton Corbjn photo-shoot.
Most notably, though, Mari notes that her sister and Kurt's mother, Wendy O'Conner, is mad at her for doing these things.
I was curious if this estrangement extended to include another of Kurt's relatives known amoung NIRVANA fan's- Larry Smith. I e-mailed him to ask, and he in his response he stated that he hasn't talked to Wendy since July and was not sure if she knew about or aproved of his contacts with NIRVANA fans through the internet.

'Live Through This': Not a Hole lotta Kurt

from the NME homepage, sometime last week...
Courtney Love has attacked Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic for failing to support her over rumours that Kurt Cobain wrote substantial sections of 1994's Hole album 'Live Through This ' . The album was released within weeks of his suicide in April 1994.
In an interview for The Observer, Love says: "All this time I have never addressed this. But here I am finally saying for the very first time that Kurt did not [write] 'Live Through This '
"I mean for fuck's sake, his skills were much better than mine at the time - the songs would have been much better. That's the first thing."
Courtney Love rails against ex- Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic for staying quiet on the issue. "I was like: 'Why don't you stick up for me?' and they're like 'We never get asked'" says Courtney Love . "I'm like: Why don't you offer the fucking information?"
In the interview Love said she "didn't give a shit" about Nick Broomfield's savage criticisms in his documentary 'Kurt and Courtney' and that if Kurt Cobain had lived she would have left him if he was still on heroin.

The Truth- From Tom Grant Himself

Tom Grant is in the process of reclaiming his internet presence, and is openly clarifing exactly what caused the shut-down of his former site, as well as his Los Angeles private investigation practice. I recently came into contact with him, and he said this in a 8/2/98 e-mail:
"I said all along that this case was running me into the ground financially. It finally did, but it wasn't a surprise. I knew what I was getting into. My buisiness is on the slow road to recovery now. I owe a lot of money but I've never declared bankrupcy. I don't believe in it. I believe in paying my bills, even if it takes some time to do it. ... Temporarily broke, yes. "Bankrupt," no. Never."
Tom can be contacted for now on at Supposably he is working on putting up a new site.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
from the Boston Sunday Globe: Movies Section
In a striking show of restraint, Hollywood has steered clear of films dealing with the 1994 death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain (Nick Broomfeild's documentery "Kurt and Courtney" is a long way from Hollywood). But that may soon change with "A Leonard Cohen Afterworld." New Line Features has purchased the Scott Rosenberg screenplay, which takes it's name from Nirvana's "Pennyroyal Tea." It's the story of two teenagers who travel from Las Vagas to Seattle for Cobain's funeral. New Line reportedly imagines the film as "The Last Picture Show" for the 1990s. Perhaps. But will it make us sigh eternally?
[postscript: Puff Daddy is not covering SLTS- it was a joke of MTV's. -kc]

Corgan Unleashed
from the Boston Globe: Music Section, 7/31/98
Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, who play the Orpheum tonight, made some very valid points when asked during a Globe interview last week wether he'd seen the new "Kurt & Courtney" documentery, about the late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain and his widow. "No, I haven't seen it," Corgan said, "but put it this way: The culture of the dead is disgusting. I think everyone who is out there printing illegal Kurt Cobain T-shirts and trying to feed off the carcass is disgusting. I think it's bad karma for these people.
"The culture of the dead just sickens me- the facination with death sends such a bad message to kids. Like, one of the most offensive things I've seen in the past year was Biggy Smalls as artist of the year in Spin. I think that just sends such a horrible message to kids. And it's such irrisponsible journalism. People have no idea the kind of impact that plays upon a 15-year-old mind.
"Kurt Cobain was a great artist and his music will endure for a long time and that's the best part about it. But the facination and the glorification of his death sends all the wrong messages. It says that this is ultimately cooler than actaully living and trying and even failing."

All opinions in this section, unless otherwise noted, are those of K. Corrigan... Please credit them to me if used on another site etc. Thank you!

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