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As facts are overshadowed by legends, it's hard to tell the truth from fiction, what's relevent from what's trivial.

Here is a collection of 101 Useless Facts- as far as I can tell, true useless facts. I've developed this list over the past few months, and it's an exclusive feature of this site. The infomation is gleaned from documents like Brian Peterson's Unofficial FAQ, David Perle's Official FAQ, 'Come As You Are' by Micheal Azzerad, my personal knowledge, and a few odds, ends, and friends. My quest for useless infomation has inspired me to write a docuement about usefull things- the NIRVANA for Dummies FAQ.

Thanks to Bill Green and Window's Magazine, I've aquired a nifty little "Random Fact Generator." You need to have your browser set to accept cookies (and trust me, this is worth it) for it to work.

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In additon, the phrase "101 Useless..." may NOT be used with any other document relating to NIRVANA or Kurt Cobain without explicit written permission from Katey Corrigan.

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