Obituary Birthday has gotten a fair amount of positive feedback during it's first year online. This praise includes:

Mozilla Cool Site Award The Open Directory Project is a wonderful up and coming web site directory, run by real people. I was initially pleased by the fact that they simply listed my site- I'd had little sucess with Yahoo and the other larger directorys. One day after submitting an update of my listing, I got an e-mail saying that I had been chosen as a 'cool site-' an honor I shared with the Internet Fan Club.

Awarded by the Nirvana Real Audio Archive I have long admired the NIRVANA Real Audio Archive. The site takes a great concept, executes it sucessfully, and all the while has a pleasing interface and is well organized. (I wish them luck in finding a reliable server!) Imagine how flattered I was to recieve their award- an honest award, not some self-promotion scam.

Aerozeppelin's House Of Soul likes me. I became friends with Brian from Aerozeppelin's House Of Soul because he was a big fan of my web site. I was not too surprised when he made me one of the first sites to get his award- I scored 30 out of 30 stars. His site has come a long way in the few months that I've know him- and I predict it will become a major site in the online NIRVANA community in the future.