Welcome to the second editon of the Moment Of Silence Homepage.

In 1999, I felt a need to do something in honor of the fifth anniversery of the death of Kurt Cobain.

I decided, that, rather than putting up some sort of cliched tribute, I would try to make some sort of a statement.

The statement? I would take down my site (or, technically, block anyone from acessing it's content) on April 5th-8th.

I wondered- would other sites be interested in this idea of mine? And what a statement THAT would be- if NIRVANA sites could get together, and observe a 'Moment Of Silence' for Kurt- together?

The response astowned me. Eventually, over 30 sites 'signed up' that they would participate.

I have decided to make this a yearly anti-event. This site will serve as a center for infomation and discussion regarding it.



01/17/00: Finally, an update.

But bad news. I can't find my list of names to add to the list on this site.

So if you've signed up, you're going to have to sign up again.

Sorry. :o(

06/06/99: This page is erected.

The MOS homepage is also now available through http://come.to/mos.

I'm working on compiling a new list of participants. Please check the current list, and if you are not listed and should be, contact me via e-mail.



Taken from the origonal MOS site, April of 1999:

With the 5th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death approaching, I have been wondering what I should do to acknowledge it, particularly, in regards to this site. I have come up with an idea; one that I feel is a strong statement but very quiet and respectful. This site will be shut down on April 5th- 8th, 1999. A placeholder page will be put up. It will be a dead-end, and no one will be able to access any other parts of my site while the Moment of Silence page is up. A number of other sites have joined me and this idea.

As not everyone is overly skilled at graphic arts, or is not overly good with words, I have collected several designs of pages, including my own, that particpants can use if they like.

But, since this is not an entirely original idea, and I have a great amount of respect for freedom of expression, I am allowing people to create personal placeholder pages. Many sites observe the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death on a yearly basis, and I feel that I should respect this by allowing them to continue what they have done since before I even began my site.

I do request that you follow certain 'rules' for your placeholder page, to keep the idea of the Moment Of Silence accurate and consistant.

The design and text should be kept short and simple, preferably not requiring a visitor to scroll down much, if at all. The text should resemble that in my example. The images should be tastefully chosen. and somewhere the phrase "A Moment Of Silence" should be included. Opinions (ie: "Five years ago today Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain") are not allowed; and excessive sentimentalism and praise directed at Kurt (thus defeating the purpose of the Moment of Silence) is not necessary to get the point of this event across. In addition, please do not include links or advertisements.

All of the participants thus far are going to have their Moment Of Silence pages up for April 5-8 (or longer), but the option is still open to take part only on the 5th. I am not asking you to delete your entire site off the internet during this time! The purpose of the placeholder page is to prevent visitors from accessing other parts of your site, because there are no links from it. It is uploaded in place of the first page of your site (almost always called 'index.html'), and no other parts of your site need be affected.