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Full image used on singles set side; holding out Kurt's hair [19kb]
Kurt in grinning in chair, Dave and Krist seated on floor [59kb]
Greyscale- In a laundrymat, Kurt with short hair, Dave with Zeppelin hat [33kb]
Greyscale- Charles Peterson photo: seated with '+' and '-' on wall [24kb]
Micheal Lavine photo: with instuments and Chad Channing [53kb]
Micheal Lavine photo: Nevemind outtake- Dave waves [27kb]
From 1992 Rolling Stone cover, in an Australian field [32kb]
Greyscale- Micheal Lavine photo from Nevermind- with Dave close up [29kb]
Micheal Lavine photo from Nevermind- Kurt giving the finger [32kb]
Kurt with short hair, glasses and ciggarette; Dave with 'Dickless' t-shirt [46kb]
Dark portrait with slight smiles [27kb]
Greyscale- Micheal Lavine photo: Nevermind outtake [34kb]
Greyscale- On the set of Heart-Shaped Box video shoot; probably by Anton Corbjn [37kb]
In front of ads; Kurt wearing 'Secret Sounds' t-shirt [30kb]
Greyscale- Dave smoking out of his bellybutton? From Lavine shoot in '92 [44kb]
Greyscale- band grouped around a pole, Dave holding ciggarette up to camera [37kb]
Kurt doing a weird 'teeth' thing... [27kb]
From 1993 Rolling Stone cover- the band in suits [21kb]
Anton Corbjn photo: Kurt with sunglasses, Dave and Krist seated [48kb]
Greyscale- with Pat Smear and Lori Goldstein; Kurt in cheerleaders uniform [42kb]
Color Bleach era photo; with Jason Everman [32kb]
Posed outside in '92- Kurt seated on dumpster with red hair, Dave in leather jacket [48kb]
In the street- Dave eating a hotdog, "Men Don't Protect You Anymore" marquee [64kb]
Micheal Lavine photograph: used on Singles Set front cover [46kb]
Charles Peterson photo: laying in park. This picture is how I found it at Sub Pop's site- sideways. [39kb]
Krist and Kurt on couch, Dave on floor; mostly blue.
On same couch; Dave wearing 'Barbituite OD Buffy's Killer?' t-shirt, Kurt smiles [54kb]
'Dark' portrait similar to 'nirvana11.jpg' [15kb]
1993 outdoors band portrait; seated on rocky hill [117kb]
Micheal Lavine photo: looking 'sad' [28kb]
Kurt showing off 'Captain America' t-shirt [39kb]
Greyscale- looking up, Dave in Zeppelin cap and Kurt with eyeliner [50kb]
Early 1992; Kurt with 'Flipper' t-shirt and purse, Krist in shorts [57kb]
Nice portrait with Kurt in flannal [68kb]
Outside on a sunny day; Kurt in different flannal [42kb]
Kurt with bleached hair and eyeliner; Dave in backwards baseball cap [32kb]
Seated together on a rooftop [46kb]
Kurt yawning with red hair; at sunset [26kb]
In a skate park? Kurt in flannal and SY t-shirt [60kb]
Greyscale- Dave sticks out his tounge; Kurt with banana peel on head [27kb]
Nice quality portrait with Dave in center and Kurt peeking into photo area [46kb]
Kurt laughing, Dave with outstreached legs, Krist with a really tacky shirt [50kb]
Micheal Lavine photo: from Nevermind liner notes [45kb]
Dave with a glass of water, Kurt laughing with ciggarette [33kb]
From Teen Spirit video shoot- Kurt carrying guitar, lots of blue light [59kb]
In 1989 with Chad Channing- in front of lots of graffiti.
greyscale- 'Artsy' photo with Krist peering in through window
Happy band- Kurt laughing behind hand
greyscale- Kurt with 'Elmer Fudd' hat and sunglasses
NIRVANA expariment with super glue; Kurt in 'Captain America' t-shirt
Dave Grohl
Greyscale- Wearing cap with John Bonham's Led Zeppelin 4 symbol [24kb]
Portrait in 'cool' tones of blue and orange [14kb]
With head uplifted in such a way as you can see his giant nostrals (oh, come on. Dave DOES have big nostrals...) [24kb]
Carrying a drum over his shoulder, obscuring his head [26kb]
Looking 'bad' in a tank top with a ciggarette. Good photo of his tattoos! [18kb]
Seated on edge of trailor, wearing leather jacket [25kb]
"I don't like Pepsi- I drink Coke"- backstage with a ciggarette and a soda [28kb]
Nice, mostly black, portrait [16kb]
Greyscale- Sitting in a tree in Austrailia, from 1991 Rolling Stone photo-shoot [39kb]
Outside during a Muchmusic interview, with some (probably Canadian) city in the background [18kb]
Krist Novoselic
Greyscale- in a tree in Austrailia, from 1991 Rolling Stone photoshoot [44kb]
Greyscale- covering half his face in a nice portait from Rolling Stone [20kb]
Greyscale- wearing army sweater; short hair [12kb]
Gesturing from an interview; with long hair and leather jacket 40kb]
Waving with bandaged hand [14kb]
Tinted greyscale- sticking out tounge, wearing army sweater again [38kb]
Onstage wearing Dinosour Jr t-shirt [19kb]
Very nice portrait with blue background, long hair & goatee [36kb]
Greyscale- slightly scarey portrait, again in army sweater [38kb]
Greyscale- crossing the street and wistling, with Kurt in the background [68kb]
Kurt Cobain
With short-ish hair and eyeliner in early 1991 [29kb]
Greyscale- nice portrait [18kb]
Tinted greyscale- shocked look; short hair [15kb]
Another short hair pic, with tugboat 'earrings' [38kb]
From Vouge magazine- sticking out tounge. Caption reads: "Kurt Cobain- fashion plate and professional malcantant." [24kb]
Greyscale- Tracy Marander photo: Kurt with kitten [31kb]
Tinted greyscale- Anton Corbjn photo: biker hat & silver shirt [58kb]
From some magazine cover- in blue dress [73kb]
Greyscale- Charles Peterson photo: New Years 1993, with Ren Hoek [48kb]
Greyscale- from The Preist They Called Him back cover [25kb]
Closeup from Heart-Shaped Box music video [11kb]
Three quarter profile, as in picture on 'new' tribute poster [21kb]/a>
Closeup from the Sliver music video [19kb]
Greyscale- Charles Peterson photo: looking overwhelmed in 1990 [28kb]
From Heart-Shaped Box music video [29kb]
Photo used on cover of Christopher Stanford's otherwise terrible biography [39kb]
Looking thoughtful; wearing eyeliner and 'Olympia Beer' t-shirt [27kb]
Hanging from 10-foot model of the SpaceNeedle! With short hair and leather jacket [55kb]
Greyscale- sitting on speaker, hunched over guitar [68kb]
With babydoll heads [47kb]
The Cobain family
Courtney fixing Kurt's hair at 1993 Music Video Awards [19kb]
Kurt & Courtney smoking outside after Sassy interview [13kb]
Frances in a red dress with her parents [33kb]
Kurt, Courtney, and Wendy O'Conner (Kurt's mom) at Christmas 1993 [30kb]
Micheal Lavine photo of Kurt & Courtney in early 1992 [30kb]
Kurt & Courtney backstage in Rio [29kb]
Micheal Lavine photo from cover of Sassy [28kb]
Courtney preventing Frances from investigating In Utero collage [41kb]
From 'Family Values' interview in Spin [23kb]
From 'Grunge Is Dead' photo-shoot: Kurt and Frances yawning [16kb]

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