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What does 'NIRVANA' mean?
The word 'Nirvana' is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as: 1. Buddhism a. The state of absolute blessedness, characterized by release from the cycle of reincarnations and attained through the extinction of the self. b. A similar state in which reunion with Brahma is attained through the suppression of individual existence. 2. An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy.
Why did they pick 'NIRVANA' as a band name?
In Come As You Are: The Story Of NIRVANA, Kurt Cobain states that he picked NIRVANA because he "wanted a name that was kind of beautiful or nice and pretty instead of a mean, raunchy punk rock name like the Angry Samoans" and because he "wanted to have something different." (page 62)
Why are you spelling 'NIRVANA' in all-caps?
Though it was never officially 'enforced' (used by the record label or MTV), most NIRVANA fans spell the band's name in all capital letters. The logo appears this way. Also, in every hand written document that I have seen, Kurt Cobain has spelled it in all capitals.
Can you summerize the history of the band?
Formed 1987, Aberdeen, Washington.
Kurt Donald Cobain (a.k.a. Kurdt Kobain, b. Feb. 20, 1967, Hoquiam Wash.; d. April 5, 1994, Seattle, Wash.) voc., gtr.; Krist Anthony Novoselic (a.k.a. Chris Novoselic, b. May 10, 1965, Compton, Calif.), bass; Jason Everman, guitar; Chad Channing (b. Jan 31, 1967, Santa Rosa, Calif.), drums.
1989--Bleach (Sub Pop) (- Everman); Blew EP (Tupelo) 1990--(- Channing; + Dave Grohl [b. Jan 14, 1969, Warren, Ohio], drums) 1991--Nevermind (DGC) 1992--Incesticide 1993--In Utero 1994--MTV Unplugged In New York 1996--From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah
What's with 'Kurdt Kobain'?
Beginning around 1988 and continuing into 1990, Kurt Cobain used several spellings of his name. They, aside from Kurdt Kobain, included 'Curt Cobain' and 'Kurdt Kobane.' He appears as Kurdt Kobain on all of NIRVANA's Sub Pop singles, and on the Terakyi Asthma compilation. He reverted to the correct spelling in fear that he would eventually lose his identity if he continued to change it. From Nevermind on, he appears on albums under the real spelling of his name- with a few exceptions, such as the Chim Chim photo credit on Nevermind. He also signed most autographs with an alternate spelling. Some NIRVANA fans prefer to use the 'Kurdt Kobain' spelling for unknown reasons.
And is it 'Chris' or 'Krist' Novoselic?
Officially he has always been named Krist Novoselic. While in elementary school he began to spell his name 'Chris,' and continued to do so until 1993. Many other NIRVANA fans and I prefer the 'Krist' spelling, but he still appears as 'Chris' in older articles and such.
I hear they had LOTS of drummers... like whom?
NIRVANA did have many drummers in their early days. They include: Dale Crover, Aaron Burchhard, Dave Foster, Chad Channning (played on most of Bleach), Danny Peters (played on Sliver single), and ultimately, Dave Grohl.
Where did they find Dave?
Dave Grohl was drummer for a Washington DC hardcore band called 'Scream' prior to his joining NIRVANA. When Scream broke up in 1990, he called his friend Buzz Osborne, who was also friends with Kurt and Krist. He told Dave that NIRVANA needed a drummer, Dave talked to Kurt and Krist, and then flew up to Washington state to join the band.
What about second guitarists?
NIRVANA had several second guitarists over the years. In 1989, Jason Everman played with the band during their tours. Big John Duncan played several shows with NIRVANA in 1993. They finally settled on Pat Smear, former guitarist of the Germs, to play on their 1993-1994 tours. None of these guitarists played on any studio recordings; with the exception of Jason Everman taking part in a radio show cover of 'Do You Love Me' by Kiss, which eventually ended up on a Kiss tribute album.
Where can I get a copy of NIRVANA's first single, 'Love Buzz'?
Sub Pop says, in their wonderful FAQ:
2.2.1 Is the Nirvana "Love Buzz" single still in print?
2.2.2 You must have some Love Buzz singles lying around, I'll pay you (insert some grossly large sum here) for it.
2.2.3 Well then, someone who works at Sub Pop must have a copy, can I buy it from them?

It is possible that you can find it on the secondary market, such as in an E-Bay auction. It goes for an average of $450 American dollars a copy these days.
What's the significance of the title of 'Bleach'?
I have a copy of Nevermind without the hidden track. Am I rich?
No. Though the first pressing of the album is lacking this song, the latest printings are missing it also. It's impossible to tell the original ones from the newest, so the hidden trackless Neverminds are no longer (if they ever were) worth any more money than the copies of the album with the song.
Who's that baby on the front cover of Nevermind?
That's Spencer Elden. Kirk Weddle took the photograph at Spencer's 'Water Babies' swimming class. Spencer didn't get any money from this whole deal, but the band did give him a platinum copy of Nevermind. Currently he's 9 years old and the platinum album hangs over his bed.
What's with the monkey picture on the back cover of Nevermind? Kurt took that?
Yes, Kurt is credited with the photograph under his alternate name spelling in the Nevermind liner notes. He claimed the small, plastic toy monkey was one of his most prized possessions, and named it Chim Chim after the monkey in the Speed Racer cartoon. Chim Chim has also shown up as a drawing by Kurt on an early NIRVANA sticker.
What's Hormoaning? Is it a bootleg?
Hoarmoaning is an EP that was released in Japan and Australia to promote NIRVANA's tours there in 1991. It contained the tracks: Turnaround, Aneurysm, D-7, Son Of a Gun, Even in His Youth, and Molly's Lips.
What's the deal with Incesticide?
Incesticide is not a real album, rather, it's a compilation of (at the time) NIRVANA rarities. It was released in 1992 to fill the demand for NIRVANA material, fill the time until a new album was recorded, and to combat bootleg releases of similar material. The front cover was painted by Kurt, and the original pressings of the album contained a letter from him in the liner notes, which talks about the good and bad things he's experienced since 'becoming an untouchable boy genius.'
Hey, my copy of Incesticide doesn't have that letter you spoke of! What gives?
Mine doesn't either. We really can't figure out any pattern in the releases of the album with and without the complete liner notes. It's most likely that Geffen stopped bothering to include them after the first few printings, similar to how 'Endless Nameless' has been left of Nevermind recently.
What's Kurt saying in the begininning of 'Serve The Servents'?
It's commonly interpreted as "What's your name? Do you like me?"
What is Pennyroyal Tea?
Pennyroyal is a herb, used to treat a variety of sympotoms. Most infamously, though, it can be used as an abortive, though the oil of this plant is fatal in the high doses needed for this use. It can be- and I have had the honor of drinking it- made into a decent tea.
What are the lyrics to tourette's?
There are none.
What is the 'secret song' on In Utero?
There is an extra track included on import versions of In Utero. It is not really 'hidden,' as it is listed on the back cover as "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip." It is a long jam most likely recorded in Rio De Janerio, Brazil, in early 1993.
Where can I find this "Verse Chourus Verse" song?
A NIRVANA song appears as the hidden, 19th track on the benifit compilation No Alternative. The song is commonly called "Verse Chourus Verse," and has a long history. It was recored as early as 1989 under the title "Sappy." The version on No Alternative was recorded in 1993 by Steve Albini, most likely during the In Utero Sessions.
Where can I buy a video of Unplugged In New York?
MTV released a video version of NIRVANA's Unplugged session, but the run was limited. The uncut version of the show has been circulating as a bootleg for quite some time.
Where is the Wishkah river?
The Wishkah river flows through Aberdeen Washington, into the Pacific Ocean. Aberdeen is the town where Kurt grew up, and NIRVANA got their start.
I have this poster/ there's a picture in the Muddy Banks liner notes where Kurt has something written on his shoe. What is it?
It says 'FUHGAWZ."
And what does "FUHGAWZ" mean?
It's an alternate spelling (you know how 'Kurdt' loved those) of 'Fugazi,' who are a hardcore punk band.
How did Kurt and Courtney meet? When did they get married?
Though Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love first met in 1989 (at a NIRVANA show), they didn't start going out until Fall of 1991. They got engaged that December and were married in Wakkiki Hawaii on February 24, 1992.
Who's Krist's wife?
Krist Novoselic is married to Shelly (maiden name unknown!). They met while still in highschool and were married in 1990. They have no kids but seem very happy.
And wasn't Dave married at some point?
Dave Grohl married Jennifer Youngblood in 1993. They divorced in 1997. Jennifer did much of the photography used in the Unplugged In New York liner notes.
Who is Frances Bean Cobain named after?
She is named after the Vaselines' (Son Of A Gun, Molly's Lips, Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam) vocalist, Frances McKee. 'Bean' is a reference to her resemblance to a lima bean in a very early sonogram.
But what about Frances Farmer? Isn't she named after her?
No, though Kurt said that she SHOULD have been named after Farmer. (However much sense THAT makes.)
When was she born?
Frances was born on August 18th, 1992.
When did Kurt die?
April 5th, 1994.
What happened?
The Seattle Police department officially ruled his death a suicide.
Where is he buried?
He isn't. He was cremated. Part of his ashes were buried beneath the willow tree in the backyard of his Seattle home, and the rest is still being toted around by Courtney.
Hey, what's his adress? I want to go visit his house in Seattle someday.
Get a grip. Don't turn this into Jim Morrison all over again.
What happened to the rest of the band after Kurt died?
Dave Grohl and Pat Smear started the Foo Fighters, who released albums in 1995 and 1997. Pat left the Foo in 1998, and nothing is clear on what he'll do next.
Krist Novoselic has been involved in a number of things… his band, Sweet 75, starting a political organization called 'JAMPAC', directing a movie about L7, moderating a spoken word tour, etc etc. Krist is also responsible for arranging much of Muddy Banks, and is involved with the forth-coming official NIRVANA site and the next release.
Is there an official NIRVANA biography?
Though it is not technicly 'official' or 'authorized', Come As You Are: The Story of NIRVANA, by Michael Azzarad, is regarded as the best source of infomation about the band. It was written with complete cooperation of NIRVANA and many other related people, and is very accurate.
I read (some awful roumer) in 'Kurt Cobain' by Christopher Stanford. Is that really true?
Don't believe any of that book. It is quite imfamous- even Jack Endino himself was horrified by the lies it contains.
Where's a good place to talk about NIRVANA?
Check out (read Justin Slade's FAQ first!), or the Heart-Shaped MailBox mailing list. There are plenty of other message boards and mailing lists if you care to look for them.
Is there an official NIRVANA website?
Geffen have a fancily designed but content scarce site, and Sub Pop have a few pages on the band's earliest days. The most 'official' unofficial site is The Internet Nirvana Fan Club. Supposedly the band got rights to the domain name, but nothing has been put up there yet.
Will there be a new NIRVANA album? Any time soon?
Over a year ago, Krist and Dave announced that they were working on a NIRVANA boxed set, but it wouldn't be released for a few years at best, partially because they plan on making it multimedia and they're waiting for the technology. In the NIRVANA section of his site, Krist states that they are working on the album, but it's too early to promise a release date. There are a lot of roumers about the forthcoming boxed set, but please don't take them as any more than that- roumers.

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