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NIRVANA FOR DUMMIES: Frequently Asked Questions
Name, formatting and all infomation © 1999 Katelynn Corrigan

Version: 1.1
First Published: April 1999
Last Updated: May 30, 1999

Editor: Katey Corrigan (

Disclaimer: This FAQ may not be reproduced, in any form- selections or in its entirety- without the full copyright info on this page. Please contact me at the above adress before reproducing. I'd really rather you just link to it so there will be no outdated versions floating around.

Thank You: To Brian Peterson and David Perle, who maintain the other NIRVANA FAQs. Chris & Dave for helping point out trivial technical mistakes.
Also, thank you to every troll & newbie to unintentionally propose the questions found in this document.

About this document:
I have noticed that there's a fair callenge in finding a good set of 'frequently asked questions' for NIRVANA. I have begun writing a simple, true to it's name FAQ to answer the common questions of 'new' fans to the band.

Note that I in no way mean to replace the existing 'FAQs' maintained by David Perle or Brian Peterson. Those documents deal mostly with other types of infomation, and include many things not touched in this FAQ. You'll find links to them and a number of other informative documents here.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the following docuement, feel free to contact me with your question (I'm a AllExpert!).

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