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Nirvana's first Sub Pop biography- 1989
"Selling their bottled sweat and locks of their hair has proved to be the biggest money maker so far. Plans for the future include dolls, pee-chee folders, lunch boxes, and bed sheets."

Meanings of symbols on In Utero- album released 1993
'Infinity: the mathamatical symbol for endless time; also, the male (on the right) is connected with the female (the left), as an equality because they are side by side.'

"The Priest They Called Him," story by William S. Burroughs- 1994
"Cab stop just ahead under a streetlight. Boy got out with a suitcase. Thin kid in prep school clothes, familiar face, the Priest told himself, watching from the doorway. "Reminds me of something a long time ago."

Courtney Love's reading of Kurt Cobain's suicide note- April 10, 1994
"...he left a note. It's more of a letter to the fucking editor."

'8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain,' by Jim Carrol- 1994
"And the walls became cages of brilliant notes"

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