Courtney on Kurt Cobain's unrecorded songs
December 15, 1994

(from the Rolling Stone interview: "Life After Death")

You've been doing one of Kurt's unrecorded songs during the encore on this tour. How many of those songs exist?

There are three completed, finished songs. And there are 10 others, and then there's all the riffing. There's one song called "Opinions" that was a couple of years old. It was from the era when he was in Olympia, Wash., between Bleach and Nevermind. The other one goes, "Talk to me/In your own language, please" [she sings the lyric and guitar riff]. The third one, I can't sing. It's too fucking good. Every part of it is really catchy. He was calling it "Dough, Ray and Me." I thought it was a little corny.

It was the last thing he wrote on our bed. The chorus was "Dough, Ray and me/Dough, Ray and me," and then it was "Me and my IV." I had asked him after Rome to freeze his sperm. So there's this whole thing about freezing your uterus.

Then there's a song called "Clean Up Before She Comes," which is classic, formula Nirvana. There's the one we're going to play tonight. Melissa sings my part, and the part Im singing is Kurt's part. I just call it "Drunk in Rio."

I recorded a whole slew of stuff in Rio that was just me and Kurt. It was when Nirvana did that Hollywood Rock Festival in Rio [in January 1993]. Patty [Schemel] and me went down there, so we recorded. There's these beautiful harmonizings with me and Kurt. Of course, I can't release the shit. No matter how aesthetically right it would be to do. "Fuck it, fuck what people say." No, I can't. I have to do this on my own. And no matter how normal it seems, the contribution of your husband or wife to your art, our case and circumstances were different. And now it would even be grosser.

-David Fricke

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