Unreleased Nirvana Tracks May Make It to Stores
April 3rd, 1998

Hmm... We must be approaching the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's untimely demise on April 4, because the rumormongers are ablaze with tales of a posthumous Nirvana disc. An online music-biz gossip forum reveals that Dave Grohl has confided in a WBCN DJ, telling him that there is enough material in the can for another Nirvana disc. According to a source at Geffen Records, this is indeed true, but don't expect to see a disc in your stores in the near future. "Kurt was working on stuff until the very end, but most of [it] wasn't very good," one insider informed us. The insider also told us there are plans afoot to release a box set -- including some rarities, unreleased tracks, live performances, and b-sides -- but the Geffen hasn't written it into this year's release schedule. Our guess? Look for it on or near Cobain's memorial day in 1999.

Author Christopher Sandford, meanwhile, didn't wait any longer than necessary to publish his biography of the departed grunge king. According to his book, previously published in Britain, Cobain wore women's underwear, collected Victorian-era erotica and kinky pornography, and inhaled antiperspirants to get high (kinda like Whip-its?). Overall, the book seems pathetically comical to us, especially when the author registers shock at what he called Cobain's "depraved" sex life. He seems genuinely floored by an "encounter" where the then 26-year- old Cobain visits a 60-year-old woman who lives near the band, and watches her sitting nude, puffing away on a long cigarette holder and drinking shots. Funny, that doesn't sound like depravity to us; it sounds more like a David Lynch movie.

- Jaan Uhelszki

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