Verse Chourus Verse: The Recording History Of NIRVANA
Goldmine #432, February 14, 1997
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That same month, Novoselic debuted his new band, Sweet 75, which included Bobbie Lurie on drums, and Yva Las Vegas on vocals; Las Vegas and Novoselic swapped guitar and bass. The band's first appearance was as a surprise opening act for TAD at a St. Patrick's Day show at RKCNDY in Seattle, directly across the street from where the Motor Sports International Garage had been. The band's second performance April 20 at the Seattle club Moe, was a fundraiser for Artists For A Hate Free America. By that summer, name had been replaced by Bill Rieflin (formerly of Ministry). Though rooted in a crunchy pop vein, the band's music has an edge to it, largely due to Las Vegas' strong, compelling vocals.

Getting Sweet 75 off the ground proved to be a little more problematic. Endino was approached by the band to produce their debut album, but DGC, the band's label, was reluctant to use him. "Krist was like, 'They won't let us work with you because they don't want it to sound like Bleach,"' says Endino. "I wouldn't either, but it doesn't do me any good!" When the label's choice of producer, Ric Ocasek, turned the project down, Endino again expressed his interest. "I was like, 'Well, I'd love to do it, and if you want me to do it, call me. But I understand the position you're in.' And Krist was very apologetic about the whole thing."

The band had already made a complete album length demo at Robert Lang Studios, and has recorded material at at least one other Seattle studio, Soundhouse. Their album was recorded at A&M Studios in California, with-Paul Fox producing. Rieflin, who recorded with the group, has since left, as he was uninterested in touring.

That spring saw the release of Mike Watt's solo album, Ball-Hog Or Tugboat? on Columbia. Every track was embellished by guest appearances, including not only Grohl and Novoselic (Grohl on "Big Train" and Grohl and Novoselic on "Against the 70's") and Pat Smear (on "ForeverŅOne Reporter's Opinion"), but also Eddie Vedder, Mark Lanegan, Thurston Moore, and an answermachine message from Kathleen Hanna (the Grohl and Novoselic tracks were also recorded at Robert Lang Studios). In addition to being released on CD and cassette, the album was released as a double vinyl set, and in a limited edition CD package, a 10inch by five-and-a-half inch folder. Watt went on a spring tour to promote the record, with Foo Fighters as one of the opening acts.

In June, Foo Fighters released their first single, in the U.K. (a U.S. single would not be released until 1996). "This Is A Call" was released in three formats; as a 7-inch b/w "Winnebago," an outtake from the original Foo Fighters tape (on both black and red vinyl), and the 12-inch (a limited pressing of 1000 on glow in the dark vinyl) and CD adding "Podunk," another outtake from the tape. In the US, a promo l 2-inch of "Exhausted"/"Winnebago" was released.

That summer also saw the release of the Stinky Puffs' A Little Tiny Smelly Bit Of Something Smells Funny In Here on Elemental, on CD only. The album features both studio and live versions of the same four songs ("Buddies Aren't Butts," "Menendez' Killed Their Parents," "I'll Love You Anyway," and "I Am Gross!/No You're Not!") the live tracks being the versions recorded at the 1994 Yo-Yo A Go-Go Festival (the ninth track, "Pizza Break," is another studio track). Another version of "I'll Love You Anyway" appears on the Stinky Puffs' latest release, Songs And Advice For Kids Who Have Been Left Behind. Though no Nirvana members appear on the record, it does feature a picture of Cobain on the cover, and is dedicated to Frances Bean Cobain.

The self-titled Foo Fighters' album was finally released on July 4; photos on the inside sleeve were all taken from the band's first public gigs, in Portland (Grohl wearing the dark t-shirt) and Seattle (Grohl wearing the Wool t-shirt). Promo CDs of the album were available, along with a promo CD of "This Is A Call." The album reached #23 on the Billboard charts. The Australian version of the album has six extra tracks; the Japanese version has two.

In August, Foo Fighters' second single, "I'll Stick Around," was released in the U.K., the bonus tracks were taken from another Laundry Room session. The 7-inch (on red vinyl) was b/w "How I Miss You," and the 12-inch and CD added "Ozone."

In October, Charles Peterson's first book, Screaming Life: A Chronicle Of The Seattle Music Scene was published. Though Peterson's photos had appeared in a number of publications (as well as Come As You Are), Screaming Life was a more comprehensive look at the Northwest rock scene, with photos of a number of different acts. The book featured photos from nearly every session Peterson did with Nirvana. initial copies of the book also included a nine-track CD, which included Nirvana's "Negative Creep."

ln November, the third Foo Fighters single, "For All The Cows," was released, the bonus tracks taken from the band's performance at the 1995 Reading Festival. The 7- inch was b/w "Wattershed," and the 12-inch and CD added "For All The Cows." That same month, a box set of Nirvana's U.K. singles was released, including "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Come As You Are," "Lithium," "In Bloom," "Heart-Shaped Box," and "All Apologies."

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